There is no denying that the world has changed a lot in recent times. It is equally undeniable that this change is continuing and speeding up. Life in Sydney and throughout Australia is very different from that of our parent’s generation. Long term jobs, basically, gone. Manufacturing jobs, gone. Today, everyone must be a self-starter. We all must be familiar with our personal brand and how to market that to potential employers and clients. Entrepreneurial life and opportunities in Sydney abound for those in the right frame of mind and with flexible skills for the high-tech age.

The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle in the Harbour City

Sydney, as the nation’s largest city, is, along with Melbourne, one of the two urban mega centres, which reflect the new world of doing business in the twenty first century. To employ an AFL football analogy, we are all midfielders in this modern game. Very few of us are locked into a career position and, therefore, must roam beyond the old ideas of what a vocation involves. Risk taking has become par for the course; and entrepreneurs are no longer rare beasts in the jungle. Technology is at the heart of these accelerated lifestyle and career changes in Australia.

More Options Available in the Marketplace

There are more options available in the marketplace. You can start an existing business through franchise opportunities. You can reinvent the wheel through innovation and technological applications. You can keep supplies handy, as a warehousing and distribution alternative for businesses. You can deal direct to the public through website and social media based businesses. Marketing and promotion is more affordable than ever before, via the internet. Labour costs are down due to technological solutions in this area. More people are prepared to do casual work, without fixed commitments from their employers.

Sydney Lifestyle Affords Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The Sydney lifestyle affords entrepreneurial opportunities for the savvy and the game. It is, however, an expensive city to operate in, with rents and real estate prices topping the expectations of most in the market. The Australian coastline capital cities are akin to the blue-ribbon sites, Mayfair and Park Lane, in the board game called Monopoly. Landlords, both local and international, impose a fat layer of extra cost to doing business in Sydney. The blue waters of the harbour are ringed by mega mansions, set amid patches of bushland in places. Entrepreneurs look to these monoliths for their inspiration on their mission to make lots of money.